Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tutorial: how to embroider The Glossy Back Stitch

What distinguishes a Glossy from other types of embroidered work
is the use of The Glossy Back Stitch.
Unlike traditional embroidery, your image is transfered on the back-side of the fabric and then the Glossy Back Stitch is worked on it.

The Glossy Back stitch is similar to the traditional back stitch.
The difference is that you can change the length of each 
stitch as you embroider your image.
Doing so results in a jagged and impressionistic design 
on the right-side of the fabric. 
That's exactly the goal of this technique.

How to embroider The Glossy Back Stitch

I like to use two strands of embroidery floss.
 Go in the fabric at (1) and out at (2)

in at (3) and out at (4)

in at (5) and out at (6)

in at (7) out at (8)

in at (9) out at (10)

and so on....

The back-side, which is your working-side will look like this.

When you turn it over to the right-side, it will look like this.

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