Friday, February 25, 2011

Featured Sponsor:
Mary Ann Sell
Sticks and Broomstraws

I am thrilled to introduce you to our Featured Sponsor, Mary Ann Sell from Phoenix Arizona.
She runs a lovely and creative etsy shop at:
Sticks and Broomstraws
After years of making other people’s patterns, I decided to create and sell my own.  I wanted a name for my business that was whimsical and fun. I also wanted it to be a bit unspecific, so that my product line could evolve as my focus and interests changed.  
Sticks and Broomstraws represents my building/creating drive in the word “sticks,” and my organizing/tidying mode in the word “broomstraws.”  These words also represent both sides of me—the creative and the practical.
Because I am a typical Capricorn, I am very good at details—a skill that’s handy when writing quilt pattern directions.  I am also logical.  I think through the steps of construction, 
whether in fabric or wood, to create a plan of attack for my projects.  

These skills come naturally to me. Being creative also comes naturally, but my Muse arrives wearing a belt AND suspenders!   One of my current goals is to make art more freely, with a little less emphasis on the outcome and a lot more on the process.

My latest pieces are vignettes on wooden panels.  I learned the technique from artist Alma de la Melena Cox, and it involves burning, painting and adhering fabric to wood to create designs. 
I’ve always loved working with wood, so to combine that with my love of 
fabric and design suits me perfectly.The pieces I create capture a moment that I want to share with others.  
I am learning to really SEE when I produce a design for someone else to view.

check out the website at:

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