Friday, April 29, 2011

Featured Sponsor and Giveaway:
Penney Klaproth

I am thrilled to introduce you to multi-media artist and blogger,

 Penney Klaproth
Upon recently moving from sunny Arizona to the mountains of southwest 
Virginia I find myself inspired by my new environment.  
Now at home with more time to pursue more pleasurable activities (than lesson planning!), 
my passion for creating drives my days.  
You can find me shooting nature photographs either from my deck in the woods or 
on a long walk, baking home-spun meals and delicious goodies, reading, 
or most often creating in my upstairs studio.   
I've had the urge to create from my youngest days of embroidery and 
hand sewing doll clothes through macramé with the Girl Scouts, Cabbage Patch and 
Barbie clothes, up to my present  addiction of making books and journals.  
Along the way I have dabbled in paint, crochet, embroidery, 
book making, beaded jewelry, sewing, dyeing, surface design on paper and fabric, 
basket weaving, quilting, and card making.  I consider my current art style rustic, 
eclectic, and shabby. I love raw edges, fibers, inclusions, hand sewing, found objects, and the colors pink and green! Oh, did I mention fibers?  I love fabric, ribbon, and thread.

Using materials that are at hand is a challenge I love to take on and usually do. I have created books in boring meetings, while traveling, and in my classroom. There is always an interesting answer to the question,“What if?” and mistakes sometimes reveal something often better than the original. One of my greatest joys is infecting a budding artist with enthusiasm for seeing raw materials in a new way and creating a new type of art. Ultimately I would love to own, run, and teach at an Art Retreat/Bed & Breakfast in the area. My short-term creative goal is to create at home to fill my soul and offer my art to others to fill my coffers so I will feel no need to re-enter the work force.
I'm on my way to reaching that goal with my recent inclusion inSew Somerset Summer 2010 issue and upcoming publication in the spring Somerset Life.check out her etsy shop for more of her journals.
Penney is offering this lovely fabric journal as a giveaway item.
to enter to win: leave a comment/your name. The random generator will pick the winner and I will post it on Friday, May 6th
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Penny said...

Love to be in that give away.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing book! You can tell that the artist is very creative and the detail that she puts into her books is wonderful! Thank you for giving me such great ideas, and I hope that you are able to accomplish your goals, I hope I will be there at your bed&breakfeast making one of these soon!
Miranda Linzey

Kelly Massman said...

Awesome work! Thanks for the opportunity!

Ms. M said...

you've got a very talented friend there. I'm entering!

fablanche3petal at gmail dot com

LOLena said...

I love Penney's sewing projects, esp. her journals! Thanks for show-casing her talent. From a fellow Arizonan.

April Hall said...

YAY!!!!! Way to go MOM!!!!!!!!!!

Muireann said...

These are amazing. Thanks for the chance to win!

Militsa said...

How beautiful!! How would I like to do the same magical things!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this journal looks amazing!
Oxana K.

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...


Julie (O-kami) said...

Wonderful giveaway! I would love the chance to win this beautiful journal. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh I need that cheery item in my life right now! So pretty!

Melissa said...

I love the journal esp all the little french knots since I have yet to master making just one :)
Thanks for sharing and the opportunity to win
Melissa Martinez

EmK. said...

Oh wow! I love all of these! Please put me in for the give away: I'm in the need for a new art journal. (I'm two pages from completeing number six. Did I mention I'm a poor 20 year old college student. Haha. Just kidding- I know it's random!)
Anyway, always lovely to see a new post up. Thanks!

postalorphan said...

She has created some truly lovely things - I'm a dabbler at heart, so I can relate to her story. Thanks to both you and Penney for a shot at such a wonderful book; I would be thrilled to use it as my next artist journal!

Natasha said...

That journal is amazing, so is all of her work. Very inspirational. :)

Sue Adams said...

I am drooling over your lovely work. Thanks for including me in the contest.

I am Sue Adams on the 21 Secrets site.

Dana said...

Ooooh, that's so pretty! Great article, thanks!

Dana said...

Oooh, that's so pretty! Thanks for the opportunity :)

snarkys said...

just beautiful

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

What a beautiful journal!!! And it's orange - my FAVORITE color! I love the details and the different kinds of pages. Thanks for offering such a wonderful giveaway!!!

JoMarie said...

Thanks for the change on this give-a-way!!! JoMarie

RawkMama [...iamSam...] said...

beautiful book! thanks for sharing this artist's work!!!

Sharon said...

Interesting post and gorgeous work! I'd love to be added to the giveaway pool! :)