Monday, July 11, 2011

Guest Blogger Series:
Connie Hozvicka
Dirty Footprints Studio

Connie Hozvicka

Picking up the paintbrush for me, is like stepping into the basket of a hot air balloon. 
I simply get on board, trust, and let the winds of my creativity lead the way. 

Yet sometimes I would give all my heart to landing in a certain place.  
I cross my fingers.  I hold my breath.  I ask the gods that be.
And it’s those times...when I hold so tightly to the notion of a smooth landing in a soft meadow of wildflowers--that I totally miss the amazing journey from point A to point B.

That’s the truth about painting or any form of our creativity.  How quickly we can get caught up in arriving at our final destination, that we miss the juicy part found in between.
So for me, I think of each painting as simply a new journey.  

I stand in front of my paper with only an intention or question in mind, and I let the colors swoon me--and my brush take it’s sweet time.  
I want to encourage you to let go of the ropes.  
Your balloon is safe, I promise.
Lean into the winds of your own creativity.  
Take direction from the current you feel heading your way.
The next time you pick up a pencil, dip your brush into a dab of prussian blue, or you begin to delicately thread your needle..remember the winds of creativity beneath you...and don’t miss one second of the beautiful view.
Art is so much more when you focus on the journey.


My name is Connie Hozvicka and I help women rise above their fears, strengthen their intuition, and grow confidant as Artists through my biz/blog Dirty Footprints Studio and especially my FEARLESS Painting Adventures.

Photography by Hansel A. Solera

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Lisa said...

Mmm...drifting away with you on this. Beautiful.